Friday, November 8, 2013

IGF 2013 so the stage NGO

Internet world title grand party that involves multi-stakeholder claimed , the Internet Governance Forum ( IGF ) 2013 has come to an end last weekend . IGF event in Bali attended by 2,632 participants from 111 countries and covered by 57 media from around the world . Various interactive discussion that was broadcast live via streaming on address by a number of speakers gave an overview of the state of progress of the internet and mobile content in a variety of countries in other parts of the world . By Administrator, IGF regarded as the momentum and vision brings together the views of all Internet stakeholders , including government , private sector , and NGOs . When the world is illustrated as an apartment and country - dwellers regarded as inhabitants , it should be mutual among fellow residents meghormati , not each tap , do not interfere with each other , because tastes and norms of each occupant different . However , there is a sharp pebble in the middle of IGF administration , especially there are voices that IGF stage just as the NGO (Non Government Organization ) foreign to voice their interests , both child protection , women's equality , human rights , and others , while the role of the private sector slightly trimmed . It is also apparent from the discussion content , speakers , and participants who are often foreign NGOs . In plain view , the role of NGOs is also visible from the booth most of the foreign and local NGOs , although there are also Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association ( APJII ) that have appeared . There's even a blog which is located at overt mention that IGF only represent certain foreign NGO circles . When confirmed , Shinta Laksmi of Huvos representing IGF organizers did not respond to questions about the contents of the blog. Voice discontent also came from a number of members APJII given the role of ISPs who represent a very small private sector is not even felt at all . Industry in Indonesia, he said , could not take advantage of the IGF 's because his role is very minimal . Administrator, as the government also feels weird because it directly involved in it , considering there are more appropriate arena for communication and information technology to play a greater role , the WCIT and WSIS . As for the IGF , should Kominfo enough support from the outside only . Finally , regardless of who the IGF this stage , the name Indonesia has been adequately taken into account , mainly drawn from the discussions that always include Indonesia as a benchmark . Naturally , the real Internet users to 105 million people , and social media users in the world, Indonesia deserves to be a major country in the field of internet world .

Indonesian telecommunications history

Basically, telecommunications has been dominated by foreigners since the colonial era where Telkom is currently the new stand . Indosat also since inception in 1967 did not escape the role of foreign investors . New in 1980, the Indonesian government to take over all shares of Indosat , so be SOEs . However , foreigners turned back again to play in 1993 . At that time , the policy of the Indonesian government to put Telkom and Indosat as two local telecommunications monopoly practice . Due to limited funds and the government-owned telecommunications operator , the development of telecommunications infrastructure in particular fixed telecommunication networks (fixed wireless ) local time it was done through the participation of foreign capital . Law. 3/1989 on Telecommunications and PP. 8/1993 and No. Kepemenparpostel . 39/1993 on Cooperation Organization Basic Telecommunications Services enabling cooperation between Telkom or Indosat with other companies in the basic telecommunications services . The third regulation specifies that the obligation of cooperation between the administering body and the other bodies in the telecommunication base to form a joint venture ( joint venture ) , the joint operation ( KSO ) or contract management. It is true as stated in the PP. 20/1994 concerning the ownership of shares in a company incorporated in the framework of FDI : investment telecommunications business field can be done by a foreign investor joint home ownership Indonesian participants at least 5 % of the paid-up capital . However , the schedule of WTO multilateral treaty commitment , Indonesia stated that foreign ownership of shares basic telecom service providers can up to 35 % . In the mobile telecommunications services , in accordance with Law no. 3/1989 , today is a mobile telecommunications carrier other companies either foreign or local cooperation in a joint venture with Telkom or Indosat or both . From this was born the new mobile operators such as Satelindo ( Indosat venture between Telkom , with GSM operators in Germany DeTeMobil ) and Telkomsel ( joint venture between Telkom , Indosat , PTT Telecom Netherlands and Setdco Megacell Asia ) XL do different things , because the operator was born without two companies both incumbent Telkom and Indosat in it , as mandated by Law. 3/1989 . Began the decade of the 2000s , many new operators popping up either mobile or fixed wireless phone such as Mobile - 8 Telecom , PT Bakrie Telecom , PT Natrindo Phones , PT Hutchison CP Telecommunications , PT Smart Telecommunication , and PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia . Most of the new operators rely more on marketing to boost rates compared to expanding and improving network quality . Mostly do not even have a base transceiver station but riding on telecom towers owned by other operators that have been long standing . In 2004 , 3G operators have begun to emerge , although granting the license a bit controversial . The government has given permission for free in the hope to earn in stages as the development of 3G operators . The first 3G services license granted to PT Cyber ​​Access Communications ( CAC ) in 2003 after beating eleven other participants in a beauty contest . CAC in February 60 % stake was taken over by Hutchinson allocated 15 Mhz broadband . Frequency allocation received CAC is the largest compared to other operators . 3G licenses through a beauty contest for this may be the first and last in the history of the telecommunications industry in the country . This is because the government will soon make a surprise in the first quarter of 2004 to grant a license to Lippo Telecom with a wide band 10 Mhz . While in the period 1999-2003 permission to hold services in the telecommunications frequency spectrum third generation services ( 1,900 Mhz - 2100 Mhz ) also slid . Among them license to PT Wireless Indonesia , Indosat StarOne , Telkom Flexi , and Primasel each with a width of 5 MHz bands . Permission for CDMA - EVDO cellular and CDMA - 1X is the latter causing overlap with the frequency bands to be used for third generation Wideband CDMA services . This is because both 3G CDMA and Wideband CDMA technology uses frequencies berkomplementer each other . Wideband CDMA third -generation services in the frequency spectrum in Indonesia working at 1,920 MHz bands up to 1,980 MHz . While CDMA1X can operate in the band 1930 Mhz to 1,990 Mhz . ITU standard requires a 3G only works on a limited spectrum of the 60 Mhz .

Australian Intelligence site down 100%

Indonesian hacker threat that will bombard the Australian government's website was not sucking the thumb. As has been previously kindled , Indonesian hackers attacking all-out important sites Australian government , including intelligence sites down 100 per cent in just a matter of hours . Site australia Intelligence Agency or the Australian Intelligence Service is located at already could not be opened . And if we look at the status of the site , stated that the site is vital that Australia's security 100 % down or totally dead. According to the Indonesia ICT Institute , which had been some confusion about hackers target what will be addressed . If before have so many sites that replaced zoom alias in deface , tonight seems to focus attacks affecting sites . Moreover , many people say that the hacked sites not previously qualified , while Indonesia hackers now hacking acclaimed as the number one in the world . Besides site , there are other sites that could be targeted intelligence , but then eventually lead to this site . Site hackers who attacked Indonesia is seen briefly unconscious before finally dying completely. Site created down by Indonesian hackers occasionally come back to life . Conditions of this site can be found at to know what sites are down and seen the Australian vital site down a few times , until you see that this site could not be opened . Attacks on critical sites Australia is predicted to continue until the next day . Indonesia is an attack from hackers in retaliation for the government's wiretapping Australia against Indonesian Internet network .

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Prohibition of open BTS violate human rights

Arif Pitoyo Telematics expert Onno W. Purbo assess Indonesia's telecommunications regulator has violated human rights when it banned the application of open BTS in Indonesia. "Poor people are not affordable BTS village operator can not enjoy communication. Regulators should have thought of it , and a statement that the regulator does not allow open BTS heard around the world know , a lot of responses from overseas coming into my email , " said Onno to Onno also denied that he asked for the allocation of the 900 MHz to open BTS . However , if requested at 900 MHz , it should not be a problem , because the stay was arranged how to keep the villages that get permits allocation of the 900 MHz band . Ridwan Effendi statement that says that worldwide 900 MHz band can not be used to open BTS also need to have been verified . " The word around the world it's really awesome ! Then speak the truth should be checked first , " Onno said. Members of the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Body , M Ridwan Effendi confirmed that the frequency of 900/1800 MHz unlicensed frequency alias is not the unlicensed bands where their use must be authorized by the Minister . So it can not be used to open the BTS . It's not just in Indonesia , but also around the world . It should be noted , indiscriminate use of frequencies may cause interference that can disrupt the performance of telecommunications networks , said Ridwan . According to him , in the Law No. 36/1999 on Telecommunications , holding open semodel BTS can only be possible through the provision of telecommunications services in cooperation with network operators ( carriers ) . Any telecommunication operation also required to have an operating license . This is a real obligation to the protection of the public will also legal certainty and assurance of quality service standards , he said .

Indonesian hacker will attack Australia government site on friday evening

The issue of spying conducted Australia becomes a serious problem . At least for the Indonesian hackers Anonymous in Indonesia . After attacking hundreds of Australian sites , the hackers requires Australia to apologize for what he did to Indonesia, and if not the hackers will come back to attack waged domain Australia government, with domain Thus revealed one of the Anonymous activist Indonesia MIrZA_stw . He said , " Because there has been no confirmation of the Australian side and apologized and did not consider how their web - defacement , then there will be a massive DDOS attack official Australian site out , " he said through an account @ MIrZA_stw According MIrZA_stw , many friends in Indonesia, the Anonymous DDOS forces would defend the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ) . " Because tapping is like stealing , " he said . About the possibility of cyber war or cyber war between hackers the Indonesian and Australian hacker , it called that they are prepared to face that possibility . " If cyber war ready because we are not afraid of youngsters INDONESIA KPD KPD anyone except the creator , " confident. However , until now , he said , there has been no sign of Australian hackers would counterattack to Indonesia .