Friday, November 8, 2013

IGF 2013 so the stage NGO

Internet world title grand party that involves multi-stakeholder claimed , the Internet Governance Forum ( IGF ) 2013 has come to an end last weekend . IGF event in Bali attended by 2,632 participants from 111 countries and covered by 57 media from around the world . Various interactive discussion that was broadcast live via streaming on address by a number of speakers gave an overview of the state of progress of the internet and mobile content in a variety of countries in other parts of the world . By Administrator, IGF regarded as the momentum and vision brings together the views of all Internet stakeholders , including government , private sector , and NGOs . When the world is illustrated as an apartment and country - dwellers regarded as inhabitants , it should be mutual among fellow residents meghormati , not each tap , do not interfere with each other , because tastes and norms of each occupant different . However , there is a sharp pebble in the middle of IGF administration , especially there are voices that IGF stage just as the NGO (Non Government Organization ) foreign to voice their interests , both child protection , women's equality , human rights , and others , while the role of the private sector slightly trimmed . It is also apparent from the discussion content , speakers , and participants who are often foreign NGOs . In plain view , the role of NGOs is also visible from the booth most of the foreign and local NGOs , although there are also Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association ( APJII ) that have appeared . There's even a blog which is located at overt mention that IGF only represent certain foreign NGO circles . When confirmed , Shinta Laksmi of Huvos representing IGF organizers did not respond to questions about the contents of the blog. Voice discontent also came from a number of members APJII given the role of ISPs who represent a very small private sector is not even felt at all . Industry in Indonesia, he said , could not take advantage of the IGF 's because his role is very minimal . Administrator, as the government also feels weird because it directly involved in it , considering there are more appropriate arena for communication and information technology to play a greater role , the WCIT and WSIS . As for the IGF , should Kominfo enough support from the outside only . Finally , regardless of who the IGF this stage , the name Indonesia has been adequately taken into account , mainly drawn from the discussions that always include Indonesia as a benchmark . Naturally , the real Internet users to 105 million people , and social media users in the world, Indonesia deserves to be a major country in the field of internet world .

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