Thursday, November 7, 2013

Indonesian hacker will attack Australia government site on friday evening

The issue of spying conducted Australia becomes a serious problem . At least for the Indonesian hackers Anonymous in Indonesia . After attacking hundreds of Australian sites , the hackers requires Australia to apologize for what he did to Indonesia, and if not the hackers will come back to attack waged domain Australia government, with domain Thus revealed one of the Anonymous activist Indonesia MIrZA_stw . He said , " Because there has been no confirmation of the Australian side and apologized and did not consider how their web - defacement , then there will be a massive DDOS attack official Australian site out , " he said through an account @ MIrZA_stw According MIrZA_stw , many friends in Indonesia, the Anonymous DDOS forces would defend the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ) . " Because tapping is like stealing , " he said . About the possibility of cyber war or cyber war between hackers the Indonesian and Australian hacker , it called that they are prepared to face that possibility . " If cyber war ready because we are not afraid of youngsters INDONESIA KPD KPD anyone except the creator , " confident. However , until now , he said , there has been no sign of Australian hackers would counterattack to Indonesia .

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